Sunday, April 30, 2006

God is always fair !

God is always fair !

This is one of the most inspiring conversations I had with my husband, when he comes to explain you things, god's ways, you just want him to keep explaining things in his own mesmerising ways.Very rarely he is into such thoughts but when he is into this ,it is great to hear him.My husband is an engineer from IITD and an MBA from IIMB, so guys no wonder if he sounds so impressive.Below is one thought of his which I had tried to pen down in words, hope it soothes you too as it did to me.

"So much of our time is preparation, so much is routine, and so much retrospect, that the path of each man's genius contracts itself to a very few hours."

Life is all planned by almighty and we just keep trying to find the key to those plans, at times by getting prepared in advance, at times by following a routine and at times by retrospecting our ways, our actions and happenings. Everyone knows this truth but then there lies the wisdom of mankind, he knows somewhere at the back of his mind, he needs to do his duties and so he keeps moving. He does not sit idle leaving things on destiny instead he leaves the unexpected results on destiny, saying all such happenings were predestined.

God had given a very powerful tool called 'destiny' to mankind, which gives answers to all that is beyond logic and explanation. Man can use this word in both negative and positive ways. He can blame all wrongs to destiny , he can blame all failures to destiny, he can blame every wrong doing on destiny but on the other hand he can always feel strong because of this word, he can never die in depression, he can make this word his strength and keep on moving forward in life.

Each one of us, at some point in our life, find ourselves standing on the way from where different roads lead to different destinations. We do not know which road to take as we are not aware of our destination. There, no way is right or wrong. We can choose any road. However, finally if our path is wrong we will come to know that this was the false path and then once again we start our journey on the new way.This process goes on until we get the path destined for us. Here the word called 'luck' comes into play.The person who is lucky will get the right way in the very first move or in his second move whereas the unlucky one will get it after trying all the ways. But mind you God has a purpose for every move we make. The one who gets his way on the very first move will never know what the other ways are leading to, whereas the man who had tried all ways knows about them all. So in life if you want to gather more knowledge, you will be the one who had searched more, you will be the one to benefit more later. The one who was lucky in beginning ,if he wants to cover up more distance now, will again have to go for trials. Again if he is lucky he will find the next path in first move but if he is not he has to go for trying other roads.Question arises then what's wrong if he goes for trials now, hey my point is if he, in his second journey, is not on right path, he will have to put in more efforts.Why? Simply because we are all mortal, so now the age is also in play.The energy in a 28 year old guy cannot be compared with a 35 year old man. So God is fair with everybody,he is unfair with those who want to sit idle and reap the rewards of destiny. If he is making life tough for you, then may be he wants you to be more strong, as you have to go far in life.

Well so no more regrets from past. Only lessons and learnings must be treasured as they were outcomes of your own moves.

Someone said the center of word life has ' if ' so life is all about if's, well I do agree with it but at the same time I feel life is jumbled integrated form of words ' i elf ' - which means I am a small fairy who is blessed with magical powers from God, to do anything. I am elf because in front of the Great God I am a trivial small being. I am mischievious as I can use my brain, move my hands and know how to laugh and cry - in all I am full of emotions and senses.We just need to know that what are we, what we can do and ultimately whatever is happening and will happen is always for a justified cause which we are not aware of right now.

Exceptions are everywhere, even we in our day to day life love someone the most and someone rates least in our list of priorities, same is with God.There are few who are blessed by him so much so that they get rewards in abundance and few others are given least rewards.Why do you hold someone more dear than another, there is something about that person which you like to extreme, it can be anything.Why do you hold someone least important in your life when it comes to set your priorities, may be there is something which you do not appreciate about him/her. Same is the case with God , he may like few people because their intentions or ways are in ways with God as compared to others. Here comes again a new word into play that is 'your approach in life'.This is very important as it makes you god's favorite to some extent if it is right. That is why elders always say, efforts and luck without proper approach goes in vain.

Well there is more to analyse. Nothing is perfect so is the case with my analysis. I just tried to become an optimist by following this theory as I had followed quite a number of paths which were not destined for me and I still do not know whether this time the career move I had made is right or not, whatever be the case I know one thing my God loves me lot. With time he is providing me support spontaneously so that I do not get hopeless and settle down for something less than what I am destined to get in life. He sends angels in some form who fill me with all the zeal required to move ahead in life. God is great, he speaks to you all the time , he is there with you all the time but who damn cares to--- to care for something that is all time available free of cost to you. So ....listen to your heart and with its help try to follow your mind-- because that is God's voice and the directions given by him for our next move.


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Excellent thoughts!!

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this was exact echo of my mom's words which I have heard since childhood....

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