Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Pain, Sorrow, Love, Life, Happiness - A thought

Pain, Sorrow, Love, Life, Happiness - A thought

All the above 4 are deeply well knitted emotions of life.From one emerges the other or the one contains the other.

1). Sorrow is a regretful feeling which we unnecessarily invite in our lives.Useless extreme unnecessary thinking gives birth to sorrow, we analyse, manipulate and visualise happenings unnecessarily which brings sorrow. Further our indiscriminate attitude gives birth to this sorrow. Right attitude is the key to get rid of it.

2). Pain I feel is the best practical teacher, as we know change is the most consistent attribute that has/will survive till centuries and may be forever - this change is signaled by pain we experience in life.Pain tells us to become more expansive, it tells us, it's time to change.One should learn, and detect what life wants to tell when it gives you pain, moment you interpret and act, it is all gone.I had learnt to work effectively and more positively through the learning lessons I got from my this teacher called Pain.At times it positively changes, your whole course of life.

3). Life - Observe a river flowing.Could you personify it a bit?Life is like a flow - till the time you are witness to the flow you will not get affected to anything but the moment you fall trap to this flow, you experience all sorts of sorrow.(Similarly pain urges us to expand our lives.Here life is like ocean - be guided by polestar and not by bow of the ship.Life through pain teaches you lesson, learn to learn it, every pain we come across in life has some deep meaning to convey to us.Life is not shallow - It's meaning rests in it's depthness, it is for us to understand)

4). Love is unity; Love is oneness.It is the most beautiful feeling I have ever experienced.It takes you near to God as you want to thank him again and again for it.Watch a river - If you see 2 banks - it means water (ego) is between the 2 that's why they are seperated, this something in between is the only threat to love.Moment you learn to kick it out, we are one and then you experience the Almighty.Love continuously wants to give, it never demands.In other's happiness lies my happiness, in his smiles lie my smiles.Love teaches you to give, it makes you selfish in unselfish way.It makes you sing dance and smile.It gives you complete contentment.It gives you fulfillment .It makes life worthwhile.Mind you love is not sacrifice it is all giving happily.

5). Happiness - I read once happiness is infinity in true sense.Something which goes and goes forever.And I discovered Yes in wider perspective.Happiness is infinity.We are born, we live, we die - ultimately sorrow is what we leave for others, but our deeds which had brought a smile on a crying face will live forever with a lasting happiness, it will never die, there lies happiness.My acts which will bring happiness to me and the relative person or thing is the real happiness.Perishable contains happiness in shallow form, but non-perishable has happiness woven in it which even time can never kill.Good thoughts, good deeds, good actions which would give happiness to you and your acquaintances living or non living is happiness in real sense.

Happiness - brings you closer to contentment and fulfilment and thus closer to our master in the sky.Moment we learn to be happy - we start living our lives of purpose.I thank you God for making me realise so and I pray you to be my polestar while I swim in this life of mine called ocean.I had felt you through my love Pareekh but now I also want you to feel through happiness,Always be my friend, philospher and guide.

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