Thursday, November 23, 2006

2 + 2 may not necessarily equal to 4

The mathematical calculations of life does not allow itself for strict scientific analysis. There are many unanswered questions and there are happenings beyond logic. Therefore in a ramshackle life two plus two may not always essentially be equal to four.

Life moves on not in a way we wish it to be, but in accordance with a pre-ordained plan of things, on which we have little control.We were offered no choice for choosing our parents, our sex, our birth time or our birth place nor will we be offered any choice for choosing our place of death, our time of death etc. The whole thing seems to be like a game of cards where we play the game with the best of our ability with the help of cards dealt to us.

Wisdom lies in the fact that one gains nothing by reacting and fretting over things which are beyond our control. In the whole process one only becomes unhappy. Question is should one fret over things or should one become unhappy ? Answer in my opinion is a big must accept gracefully both the good and the bad things which one comes across in life as these all things are commanded by the dictates of destiny.

Mosaic of life is formed of a mixed bag of opposites with a criss cross design of highs and lows. The arrival of a baby in the world is marked by his shrill cry and departure of a man from this world is marked by stony silence, joys are followed by sorrows, pleasures with pains, health with sickness, triumphs with tragedies, fulfillments with disappointments....the list is endless.....

Man always tries to seek happiness, nothing wrong with this urge to seek happiness, seeking happiness is his basic nature, but is man able to get this happiness ? Is this commodity available in stores...again no it is not available in stores as money cannot buy happiness, money can contribute to a happy life but money cannot guarantee a happy life. So what is this commodity and where is it available? Answer again is a simple one...happiness is the state of mind which keeps us in a state of well being. And most importantly happiness is found within ourselves only ..we just need to experience it..

I feel by putting a fullstop to internal war that rages within our minds (as mind reacts to external stimuli) this experience would be blissful as then it would assist us to come to terms with external ground realities...I wrote this today as I see my students fretting over GMAT, GRE results ... if you gave your cent percent but things did not turn out well for you ... then may be today your equation of life is 2+2 = 3 but then you never know tomorrow it may prove to be 2+2 = 5.


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If a mathematics graduate agrees to the fact that 2+2 is not always 4 then how can we disagree ;-)

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I love reading your blog. I get more and more addicted!

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