Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who can say ? ..... - an anecdote!

One fine morning when he went to the stable, he found his horse was gone. Villagers at once commented, “We advised you to sell your horse, but you never listened. Your horse is stolen…what a bad luck!”

“Bad luck or good luck,” the old man said. "Who can say?”

Everyone laughed at him on this. But few days later his horse returned with a whole herd of wild horses. The horse had escaped from the stable, courted a young mare, and returned with the rest of the herd following behind. Now the villagers said, “What good luck!”

The old man and his family started training these wild horses. But after a week, the old man’s son broke his leg while he was trying to train a horse. Again at once the villagers commented, “Bad luck, what you will do now when your son will not be able to help you? You are already so poor…Oh God! Poor you!”

“Bad luck or good luck,” the old man said. "Who can say?”

Again a few days later the king’s army passed through the village and forced every young man to become a soldier. All but except one i.e. the old man’s son as his leg was broken.

Villagers cried, “How lucky you are! You are with your son; our sons will be probably get killed in the war…what a good luck…”

“Bad luck or good luck,” the old man said. “Who can say?”

So in all, the future always heads towards us in bits and pieces. We are not aware what lies in store for us. But if you always maintain a positive attitude towards life the door of destiny remains open, making you a happy person always….It depends on you how you perceive things/ happenings in your life…. Remember and give a thought to the quote from Lao Tzu -- What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly.


nitya34@gmail.com said...

Simply Awesome and inspiring story!!
You mean to say,we are just puppets in the hands of God and we can only dance as per the destiny already written
good one.keep writing!!

shobz said...

My friend forwarded this "who can say " ..That was quite inspiring !! It's always nice to read somethings when our spirit is low !! Thanks ...